June Highlights, July Intentions

Wow, did June ever just fly right on by. The year is half over! I’m not ready for this yet! Honestly, this month wasn’t the best, but let’s get to it:

June Highlights:

  • I hiked up Grouse Mountain (my personal Mount Everest, thankyouverymuch) for the first time this season. Let’s not discuss my time, ever. Or the fact that I lost my way and had to bush-whack my way through a swampy, mosquito-ey, overgrown mess to get back to the trail. Let’s blame my time on that, ok? Yes, let’s go with that.
  • I had a couple of friends over to my new apartment. I’ve been really resistant to this; I miss my old place something fierce, but I’m slowly getting there. I think a new sectional couch and rug for the living room would help matters immensely.
  • Won a gift certificate to a sports clothing sample sale and discovered a great new-to-me brand, Tonic.
  • Had a blast brunching and pitch ‘n putting with my dad & the rest of my family for Father’s Day.

    The parents, waiting to tee off at the pitch 'n putt golf course

    The parents, waiting to tee off at the pitch ‘n putt golf course

  • Tried dark dining – what a great experience!
  • I made a cake from scratch for my sister’s birthday using Joy the Baker’s White Chocolate Rose Cake recipe, and it was a huge hit!

    White chocolate strawberry rose cake with real rose petals

    White chocolate strawberry rose cake with real rose petals

  • Went on one horribly boring first date and one fun one with a super guy that I unfortunately had no chemistry with.
  • Spent half the month unable to hike or do yoga due to my neck & shoulder going out. This is related to my back injury and the type of flare-up that really gets me down because it throws me off my exercise schedule.

How did I do on my June intentions?

  • Go live with the custom blog header that Karlyn made for me – YUP! Click through to check out the new look if you haven’t already!
  • Participate in Nicole‘s 30 Day Sugar Detox program. – I participated in this, lost about 2 pounds (not as much as I would have liked), finally kicked my daily sugar cravings, but didn’t fully complete the detox. I detailed my experience with it here.
  • I WILL NOT BAIL ON MY BOOK CLUB THIS MONTH. I WILL NOT BAIL ON MY BOOK CLUB THIS MONTH. I WILL NOT BAIL ON MY BOOK CLUB THIS MONTH. – I didn’t bail! But book club ended up being cancelled this month because literally everyone else bailed, so let’s call that a wash.
  • Celebrate my sister’s birthday this month without breaking my resolve to avoid sugary treats. I can celebrate with her without eating cake. – I made the cake myself, and I totally ate a piece. But I didn’t take any home with me, and I decided a couple weeks into the detox that I still want to enjoy sugar for special occasions, so this was in line with the way I want to eat.
  • Complete the Grouse Grind hike up Grouse Mountain this month. – Sure did!

July Intentions:

  • Finish unpacking the moving boxes in the spare room
  • Put artwork up on the walls in my apartment
  • Put some money towards paying off my line of credit
  • Go paddle-boarding
  • See Before Midnight in theatre as a solo date night
  • Go to a yoga class at the top of Grouse Mountain. My favourite yoga studio is doing a free class there every Sunday morning for the summer!
  • Go on at least a couple more dates that do not involve sitting at a cafe and interviewing each other for the position of boyfriend/girlfriend over a caffeinated beverage. I AM SO SICK OF THE FIRST DATE COFFEE-INTERVIEW.

1 thought on “June Highlights, July Intentions

  1. ashleyhami

    Your rose cake impressed be the moment you shared it on the interents. Bravo!

    It looked like June was a pretty busy month…here’s hoping July is fantastic (for both of us!).


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