A Little List

I’ve got a handy little list of cool things I’m going to do to bring spontaneity, delight, beauty and meaning to my life, peppered throughout the everyday. This list is a work in progress so I will add to and edit it as I create and achieve new goals.

  1. Buy a Mazda 3 Sport hatchback in a fun colour (no silver here! Give me teal or indigo). Pay for it in cash. (March 2013. Due to the emergency nature of this purchase, it was not done 100% in cash, but I’m okay with that.)
  2. See Shania Twain perform live. (May 2013 in Vegas!)
  3. Do an after-dark snowshoeing trek finished up with chocolate fondue.
  4. Try yoga on a stand-up paddleboard.
  5. Go ziplining in Costa Rica.
  6. Bathe in the natural hot springs in Iceland.
  7. Touch an elephant.
  8. Get a tattoo of an elephant and acacia tree on the back of my right shoulder.
  9. Become a foster parent.
  10. Learn to hold crow pose in yoga.
  11. Rent a 2-bedroom apartment that I can afford to pay for on my own. (Done! April 2013)
  12. Do a winery tour in the Okanagan.
  13. Get my blog redesigned. (Thanks, Karlyn!)
  14. Get a paid freelance writing gig.
  15. Visit Chicago.
  16. Visit New York.
  17. Visit Portland.
  18. Master baking a pie from scratch.
  19. Complete a running race… let’s start with a 5k.
  20. Take a web design class.
  21. Go kayaking.
  22. Adopt a dog from Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue Society.
  23. Throw a themed party.
  24. Take a culinary class at Dirty Apron Cooking School.
  25. Complete the Grouse Grind. (Achieved in Sept 2012)
  26. Try a spin class. (Done in Nov 2012)
  27. Take a vacation solo. (3 months backpacking around Western Europe in 2008, and Hawaii in July 2012)
  28. Own my own business. (July 2010 – Nov 2011, I was self-employed)
  29. Become debt-free.
  30. Start a proper financial plan. (Began in 2010; have been consistently increasing my contributions as my income increased)
  31. Sing karaoke. (My 32nd birthday celebration)
  32. Go on a tropical vacation. (Kauai, Hawaii in July 2012!)
  33. Attend a yoga retreat in another country.
  34. Try dining in the dark. (June 2013 with my family)

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