Fun Reads for the Weekend

This beautiful image of an elephant under an acacia tree, by Johan Hoekstra, is just what I've been searching for as tattoo inspiration.

This beautiful image of an elephant under an acacia tree, by Johan Hoekstra, is just what I’ve been searching for as tattoo inspiration.

How was your week? I made a fantastic Thai shrimp salad, wore lots of dresses in the gorgeous sunny weather, and declared that this was National Technology Fucks With You Week while restraining myself from throwing my work computer out the window. That would have been awkward… then we’d have a busted window AND a busted computer. And a hefty bill from the alarm company. And technology that really didn’t work. #PatOnTheBack?

I am one of those people who always has a million tabs open on my browser and I love weekly link roundups, so I thought I’d start posting one of my own as well when the mood strikes me. Here are some of the blog posts and articles I enjoyed this week:

Are you watching The Bachelorette? It’s my trashy, guilty pleasure made doubly fun by the hilarious recaps written each week by Lincee and Drea. Prepare to snort-laugh.

I met the amazing Jessica Manuszak in Vegas, and loved her post this week about how to pull off pink hair. Spoiler alert: it’s less about the hair and more about just doing the thing you wish you could pull off.

This professional design blogger encourages us to execute & spend on design with careful intention.

ManCakes Bakery is a real cupcakery in Vancouver run by two guys who wanted cupcakes to be less frivolous and have more interesting flavours. Apple Brie cupcakes? Chocolate red wine? Don’t mind if I do…

I’ve been inspired by all the great recaps from World Domination Summit in Portland this weekend, so much that I signed up for notification about next year’s tickets.

Loved reading Alex Franzen, one of my blogging idols, gush about meeting some of her blogging idols.

It’s taken me awhile, but I’m pretty happy with The Old Reader as a replacement for Google Reader. #RIP #ButStillAnnoyed

There are a lot of common phrases in the English language that are commonly misspoken. As a Northerner, I will admit to having uttered the phrase, “What’s you guyses’ opinion?” So. Ashamed.

My Morning Routine is dedicated to interviewing others about how they start their days. It’s an intimate peek at a part of people’s lives that are rarely shared and it’s fascinating.

Have a great week, friends!

2 thoughts on “Fun Reads for the Weekend

  1. AshleyHami

    I still think this “National Technology Fucks With You Week” is hilarious. And my co-workers and I are always so tempted to recreate the scene from Office Space where we take our rage out on office “technology.”

    Thanks for the links Bachelorette chat – it’s my guilty pleasure as well. Wh do you think Des will end up with? My guess is Brooks, but Chris is my fav!!!

    And the link to the mourning routine is fascinating… off to read!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. A Little Coffee Post author

      I’ve upgraded NTFWY from day to week. It’s server upgrade week in the office this coming week too so maybe I should just assume the entirety of July is a gong show!

      Okay, Bachelor gossip: (this is not a spoiler, I have no idea what actually happens) I am with Lincee and I think that the previews they show where it looks like Drew is breaking her heart and quitting the show are just fancy editing. I haven’t seen a connection with Des & Drew that looks quite that strong! I think she’s got her heart set on Brooks and he quits the show and Drew comforts her. Who knows! Brooks is my fave though 🙂


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