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Please buy my Craigslist finds and invite me over to enjoy them

In light of the fact that I’ll be merging two households into one in the near future, and also that I’m moving to a new place in a couple of months, I’ve been thinking a lot about home design and making a fresh start in this area. I’m not moving for a few months, and until I’ve got myself into the new space and got a sense of what will fit where, I don’t think I should be buying any furniture.

And yet, trolling Craigslist for cool finds has become an OBSESSION. I am totally into the more unique stuff you can find this way, and also the incredible cost savings! Plus I feel good buying pieces that are already out in the world, rather than something brand new. It feels less “consumer-y” that way.

Since I’m just window shopping and can’t pull the trigger on any purchases, let me share my great finds that I wish I could buy with you all! Someone in Vancouver, please buy these so I may live vicariously through you.

Sofa and love seat set, $150 for both. Ridiculous deal.

Sofa and love seat set, $150 for both. Ridiculous deal.

Not that there’s anything inherently special about this couch and matching loveseat, but $150 for the pair? They must be desperate to get rid of these items, that’s a steal.

Due to my lack of design vision, I would have a hard time figuring out what type of chairs to pair with a table like this. But I LOVE the table!

Two pink velvet occasional chairs with jewels, $125 each or $220 for both.

Two pink velvet occasional chairs with jewels, $125 each or $220 for both.

I think these bright pink chairs would add such an element of fun to an otherwise plain living room set. But I suspect my lovely boyfriend would kill me if I chose to add two pink velvet sparkly chairs to my living room JUST when he moves in with me. If only I’d found these years ago!

This table & chairs set for $100.

This table & chairs set for $100.

The table is fine, but the chairs are what make this really cool! And I can’t believe they’re selling the lot for $100. I’d probably buy this despite my no-buy policy if I had a van to transport the set in short order!

Would you LOOK at this vintage beauty! It is one of the silliest (and probably easiest to achieve) dreams of my life to own a vintage-style bar cart and have it fully stocked, at the ready to make a cocktail party live up to its name. My Pinterest design inspiration board holds proof of this dream.

Somebody buy these and invite me over so I can enjoy them.

The Sea and the Stars

"Selene at the Sea" by Luis Argerich on Flickr

“Selene at the Sea” by Luis Argerich on Flickr

Everyone who terrifies you is sixty five percent water.
And everyone you love is made of stardust, and I know sometimes
you cannot even breathe deeply, and
the night sky is no home, and
you have cried yourself to sleep enough times
that you are down to your last two percent, but

nothing is infinite,
not even loss.

You are made of the sea and the stars, and one day
you are going to find yourself again.

This beautiful poem was written by Finn Butler at A Greater Reality. He’s just 18 years old.

Fun New Thing: Scroll-down Disaster

Have you ever heard this term before? I just heard it today for the first time. As in:

Scroll-down disaster: An ensemble that seems alright at first glance, if first glance is at eye-level. But then as your eyes scroll down to take in the whole outfit, the picture gets progressively worse.

To illustrate this hot mess visually:

Marion Cottillard at the 2012 MET Gala. Source: MSN Wonderwall

I must work this term into my 2012/2013 award season viewing lexicon. Everyone just watches the Oscars for the outfits anyway, right? Thanks to Slate’s Culture Gabfest podcast for the new addition to my snark vocabulary.

Makeup for a Breakup

The ongoing dilemma of my week: While going through a particularly emotional breakup, when putting on your brave face for the day, do you try to cover up your puffy red eyes with a full face of makeup and particular attention to your eyes? This way I think you’ll look your best right up until the moment that song comes on the radio and your mascara ends up leaked all over your face. Or do you go minimalist and possibly look moderately awful all day, but never risk the look of black smudged tear stains?

First world problems. I would like to know the answer.

Fresh Start

Well here we are. This post has been over a year and a half in the making, and somehow it seems so much more difficult to write because I’ve been thinking about it so long… like it must be EPIC! because it’s been rattling around in my brain forever. The fear that it won’t be good enough, that it won’t be perfect, has kept me from starting.

But this is not my first rodeo. I know that fear is rarely a good reason to avoid something… in fact, though counter-intuitive, it’s usually a signpost guiding you towards the things you really need to do. It keeps you in your comfort zone if you let it rule you. But growth and happiness exist squarely outside that little comfort zone, in my experience! So in the interest of just getting over my fear and letting good enough be good enough, here I am again.

This may appear to be a brand new blog, but I’ve been in the blog world for years. I’ve been reading blogs since the days that Dooce was dooced and I’ve penned a handful of my own blogs under my real name as well… which became my undoing. Having a personal blog in my profession can be a liability, and my time was short when I first began work as a self-employed financial planner, so blogging had to go. I miss it as a creative outlet though, and I now find myself with more time to spare for activities other than my day job. I hope that this time, I’m here to stay.