Fun Reads for the Weekend

Jesse & Celine in Before Sunset... one of my favourite screen couples of all time.

Jesse & Celine in Before Sunset… one of my favourite screen couples of all time.

How was your week, everyone? I went hiking to see a waterfall with my mum, did a Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight trilogy movie weekend, and found a great dress on clearance while shopping.

Some links I enjoyed this week:

Do you like playing Would You Rather? Then you will appreciate the incredible difficulty of answering these ridiculous 15 WYR questions.

Some creative pregnancy announcements!

The Heineken Dropped! campaign is pretty neat. They set up some departure boards in airports, and offered travellers a free trip if they would give up their existing travel plans. The catch? They had to press a button on the departure board, wait to see what random location it generated, and leave right away. Would you be up for that adventure?

Lululemon’s app specialist posted his three favourite apps for summer 2013.

Five financial tips for young couples. I like the one about combining finances for income splitting purposes.

Dying to try this summer salad this week: grilled potato, lemon & zucchini salad with romesco.

I highly enjoyed this American girl’s Twitter tale of playing hooky from school in Morocco to track down Matt Damon on a movie set. Promptly followed her on Twitter. Best part: how she stole toilet paper rolls.

The 10 worst people on the subway. YES.

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