May Highlights, June Intentions

It’s been a good, rather eventful month. I’m enjoying the pace of 2013 so far. We’re almost halfway through and I want to keep the momentum up.

May Highlights:

May means lots of hiking in the woods. Source: Grouse Mountain

May means lots of hiking in the woods. Source: Grouse Mountain

  • Found out one of my closest friends is pregnant with her second. I’m so excited for her.
  • Got a pedicure with a fun glittery colour for my vacation.
  • Took my mum out to a brunch spot she’s been wanting to try for ages with my family for Mother’s Day
  • Took a week and a half vacation from work and went down to Las Vegas to party with 64 other bloggers and knock an item off my life list – I saw Shania Twain perform!
  • Hit up Trader Joe’s in Bellingham, WA for some American grocery shopping action on the way home from my trip.
  • Attended the rehearsal dinner and wedding of a wonderful friend, Julia
  • Enjoyed quite the whirlwind romance that was over before I’d had a chance to absorb what was going on, after months of utter boredom on the love life front. It’s been… interesting!
  • Read two more books that I really enjoyed this month: I loved Requiem, which wrapped up the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver and was very pleased with the way it all ended. And I finally picked up Roomby Emma Donoghue after hearing about it for months, and devoured the entire story in one weekend. Definitely worth a read.

How did I do on my May intentions?

  • Let loose and enjoy lots of new friend time in Vegas! – Check!
  • Related: do not let TOO loose. Have 3 meals of whatever I want; make smart food choices the rest of the time. 3 alcoholic drinks per day. -I didn’t really track it, but I did alright on this front. I only gained 1 pound over my 6 day trip and lost it (plus more) quickly upon returning home.
  • Spend no more than $600 in Vegas on things that haven’t already been paid for. – Check!
  • Back on track healthwise when I return from Vegas: eliminate sweets from your diet for the rest of May. -I have had a few cookies but have mostly been eating well. Half check?
  • Complete a hike longer than my usual 1.5 hour hike before month end. -Oh, so close! It has been pouring rain since I’ve been back almost relentlessly, so I haven’t been out on the trails much. Finally the sunshine returned today so I met this goal two days late!

June Intentions:

  • My fabulous Vegas roommate Karlyn has made a custom blog header for me, so stay tuned to see that go live this month!
  • I’m participating in Nicole‘s 30 Day Sugar Detox program. I’m avoiding all sugar-laden snacks for this month and expecting to make some weight loss progress and some changes to the way I eat.
  • Celebrate my sister’s birthday this month without breaking my resolve to avoid sugary treats. I can celebrate with her without eating cake.
  • Complete the Grouse Grind hike up Grouse Mountain this month. I use this hike as a gauge of my fitness level because it’s technically very difficult and intense, and I have had to turn back without finishing it several times because if I don’t pace myself carefully I become dizzy. I’m hoping to finish in an hour and a half for my first run at it this season.

3 thoughts on “May Highlights, June Intentions

  1. JenBetweenDots

    I’m so excited that there’s a Trader Joe’s in Bellingham!! That’s where I’m going in July for my cousin’s wedding 🙂 Good luck on the goals this month

  2. Julia

    Thank you for the link to my blog and even more for coming to the wedding and rehearsal dinner! It was so nice having you there! Sorry for the total lack of healthy food choices though – haha!


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