March Highlights, April Intentions

Blink and you’ll miss it, right? That was March. It seems to have passed in a blur. Here’s the scoop this month:

March Highlights

In like a lion... Source: Sergey Yeliseev on Flickr

In like a lion… Source: Sergey Yeliseev on Flickr

  • I bought myself a 2012 Mazda 3 hatchback, a car I’ve been dreaming about for five years. And knocked that one off my bucket list. I did the whole purchase alone… yup, this means the whole haggling game with the salesmen. It was intimidating.
  • Attended a good friend’s southern-themed bachelorette party and participated in a hella fun scavenger hunt, chauffeured by limousine.
  • Enjoyed the baby shower for one of my oldest friend who’s about to have her first baby any minute now. And by oldest, I mean the girl I’ve been friends with the longest, not the actual oldest age of any of my friends. Geez, wouldn’t out a new mama like that!!
  • Discovered a new favourite music group: Of Monsters and Men. They’re a great indie folk/pop band from Iceland, you should give them a listen!
  • Spent two weeks packing and kept the stress & panic about it to a minimum.
  • Said farewell to my roommate and began solo living for the first time in a few years.
  • Got the keys to my new place!

How did I do on my March intentions?

...and out like a lamb. Source: A Roger Davies on Flickr

…and out like a lamb. Source: A Roger Davies on Flickr

  • Get movers booked. -Success!
  • Green smoothie habit. -Turns out that it’s far more important to execute Mission: Eat What’s Already In Your House than it is to start a green smoothie habit during the month that you’re moving. Not one green smoothie was consumed. Not even a Happy Planet one. FAIL!
  • Yoga 2-3 times a week, although I will let myself off the hook for this one in the last week of March because I think packing will rule my life at that point. -I averaged 1.5 classes/week. Not terrible considering the amount of time spent on packing.
  • DO NOT ACTIVELY LOOK AT CARS FOR SALE. -Whoa, HUGE FAIL! Totally bought a new car!
  • Have my friend Niki over for dinner. -Seriously, what was I thinking? Entertain guests in the middle of frantic car shopping which fell in the middle of moving month? HAHAHAHAHAA. Ha. No.
  • Enjoy this month’s bachelorette and baby shower festivities, celebrate my friends with frugal gifts and an open heart, and get excited to meet the new little baby that’s coming in the next month! -Yup! And friend baby #1 has made her debut into the world. Still on Babywatch High Alert for baby #2.
  • Move into my new place! -Success!

April Intentions:

  • Hiking season has begun. I’m shooting for one short weeknight hike and one longer weekend hike per week.
  • Yoga 1 time per week
  • Sign up for ballet flow yoga with my friend Ashley
  • Unpack and get the new place feeling like home.
  • Take Magdalena for a real spin! I’ve been too busy to do so yet. (I have named the new car Magdalena)
  • Do a lil’ shopping for this lil’ vacation I have coming up in May

4 thoughts on “March Highlights, April Intentions

  1. fosterashley

    Yay – so we are actually signing up for this class? I think they have a trial one this week or next – its only 2 bucks I think. Should we do that first?

  2. Magalie

    Ok, so I’ve been wanting to reply regarding your green smoothy goal for a while, but I’m a procrastinator. So, here it goes!

    I find that (super) green smoothies are too green for me, don’t taste right, or are too fibrous. What I do instead is this: I make smoothies using Vega One – it’s a fantastic vegan “energy” mix that is filled with goodness and 2.5 servings of veggies. To this I add some frozen spinach (or kale, or whatever I have on hand), frozen fruits, chia/hemp seed mix, a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses (you can’t taste it and it’s an awesome source of iron), Greek yogurt, fruit juice and coconut water. So my smoothie not only tastes good, but is full of veggies without being actually green.

    Lastly, I am lazy in the morning so what I do is assemble my smoothie the night before. I fill my “to go” size cut of everything, leave it in the fridge, and buzz it up the next day when I need it for lunch. Tasty and easy!

    I hope this helps you start the healthy habit! 🙂

    1. A Little Coffee Post author

      I like that Maggie! I can’t deal with coconut water whatsoever, I keep trying it different ways but I can’t even handle it in minty alcoholic mojitos. Everything else sounds like a good deal though.

      I have exactly one green smoothie recipe that I like… It’s from Joy the Baker’s cookbook. 1 cup kale, 1 cup spinach, 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 tbsp natural peanut butter. Blend the crap out of it till all the kale fibres are smooth. Most others I agree with you… too “green” tasting, but I do often throw some spinach in with a fruit & yogurt smoothie and don’t notice it whatsoever.


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