My Heart On a Roller Coaster

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Vancouver – sunny with clear blue skies, and the first day this year that felt warm enough to go without a jacket. My roommate and I decided to take her dog for a walk at the local off-leash dog park.

While we were there, we passed these two guys about my age walking their dogs. They smiled at us. One of them in particular really caught my attention. This was an unusual occurrence… it wasn’t just that I thought he was cute, though I certainly thought so. There was something more than that. There was an immediate jolt of energy that stayed with me after he walked away.

We saw them again walking back in the other direction. We’d caught up to them. They said hi to us and we said hi back. All four of us were all smiles but I was still particularly drawn to the taller baldie with the Mr. Happy tshirt. I started gushing to my roommate about how I wanted to talk to him as soon as we walked away.

As we were finishing the walk and loading the dog back into the car, they came over and chatted with us. I commented on how cute his dog was. He responded to me, “he’s well-trained to only approach cute women!” We both laughed. Then they headed off to their car and we drove off in our separate directions.

I immediately regretted not saying more, wishing we had a way to contact each other. This is not something that happens to me, EVER. I didn’t want a guy with whom I had seemingly electric chemistry (and a mutual love of dogs and weekend hikes!) to walk on by. So I did something I considered bold and very out of character: I posted a note to him on Craigslist Missed Connections. I didn’t expect to hear from him, but it was all I could think of other than going back at the same time the following week and hoping to see him again.

The craziest thing happened: he saw my message and he wrote to me! I’d written the message for “Mr. Happy” and he included a photo of his tshirt to prove it was really him. He’d been thinking about me all day too, and also wished he’d left with a phone number. He randomly decided to check Missed Connections before going to bed and was thrilled to find my message there.

My heart literally soared with excitement. I had managed to text my sister and my roommate in the 3-minute space between reading his first message and the second one that followed, which read, “I’m hoping you were the one in the driver’s seat because I can’t get that smile out of my head!”

I was in the passenger seat.

12 thoughts on “My Heart On a Roller Coaster

    1. A Little Coffee Post author

      I sure did. I thought it was a pretty thoughtless thing of him to say considering there had been two of us, and he’d spoken more with me, so there was at least a 50% chance that I WASN’T the girl in the driver’s seat! How did he think that was going to go? I told him it was a shame because I was the other girl. He tried to backpedal. I didn’t respond after that.

  1. Julia

    Ugh. I was reading with such anticipation and I hate the ending. Super careless of his part. But I wanted to say that I think it’s awesome that you took the risk of posting on missed connections. Too often I think we wait for things to come to us – this example sucks cause of the ending but you should take pride and confidence in the fact that unlike a lot of people, you put yourself out there. And your smile is pretty freaking awesome.

  2. juliejs

    ohmigawsh! What a disappointment…. I am shaking my head…. ohhhh I abhor backpeddling. I am visiting from the ScintillaProject blogroll. Are you doing the challenge?


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