The Night Before Christmas

This Christmas Eve, like every year, I will be attending church with my family this evening (despite not being a believer, it’s very meaningful to my mum to have the whole family join her for Christmas Eve mass, so we all join her) followed by a reading of The Polar Express at midnight. I’ll be sleeping over at my parents’ house, like old times, and waking up to open stockings in my jammies and having first breakfast of whatever chocolates we can find. Then second (REAL) breakfast of my dad’s homemade Eggs Benedict, served with mimosas. For most people, the big meal is Christmas turkey dinner, and we do that too, but if I had to pick just one Christmas tradition, it would be my dad’s Eggs Benedict Christmas breakfast. He’s ruined me for all other Eggs bennies, and there’s just something so wonderful about seeing my dad (who generally doesn’t cook and stays out of any kitchen prep work) being the hub of all the meal prep action, timing everything down to a T and assigning tasks to the rest of us to get everything on the table at the same time. Eggs Benny is one thing that has to be eaten super fresh and hot – it doesn’t wait, doesn’t care if you wanted to take a family photo first or the English muffins weren’t ready when the sauce was done!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Wishing you a belly full of your favourite holiday treats that don’t end up on your hips, quality time with those you love the most, and a prosperous New Year. What’s your favourite holiday tradition?

This post was inspired by the Sisters Share It All blog series written by sisters Janssen, Landen and Merrick where they wrote about their favourite Christmas traditions.

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