Love for Phoenix

I’ve been spending considerable time lately on a fundraising project called Love for Phoenix and I wanted to share this with my readers here as well.

My sister and I used to work with this fabulous lady, Jenn del Rosario. I didn’t work with her for long… she quit just about 2 years ago, shortly after I had joined the company, but she came in to have lunch with old colleagues after leaving and I heard some of her news through the grapevine, so she’s stayed on my radar. Jenn had a young daughter named Phoenix when I met her, and I learned about a year ago that Phoenix was battling leukemia.

This is Jenn with Phoenix earlier this year

Phoenix did so well through treatment – fighting so hard enduring aggressive therapies after relapsing in November 2011, remission in March 2012, then her stem cell transplant in April, and then finally home from the hospital in late June of this year.

Unfortunately this September, she began complaining of fevers and pain. To the family’s horror, they learned the cancer was back and this time, she wasn’t well enough to go through treatment again. Phoenix, Jenn and Rahman (Phoenix’s dad) moved to Canuck Place
about a month ago, a hospice for children where they can receive the care they need in a much preferable environment to the hospital. I’m sad to report that Phoenix passed away in the early hours of Friday morning, October 12.

Jenn & Rahman have been financially devastated by Phoenix’s illness. Unable to work due to the care & time required, bills kept mounting and insensitive collectors have been calling. There was a segment on Global TV news recently featuring their story. The reason we set up the Love for Phoenix site, in addition to providing a central place for Jenn & Rahman to update friends about Phoenix, was that it also provided a place for people to donate to a trust fund that will help.

Now in addition to their existing financial burdens, they are also dealing with the extraodinary grief of losing their child – something no parent should ever have to face. If you would be kind enough to read about how you can help and consider sharing Phoenix’s story, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for caring for my friend during this tough time.

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