Blogging from the Heart: Finding my Niche

In an effort to re-focus on blogging and find some inspiration, I’ve been enrolled for the last few weeks in Susannah Conway‘s course, Blogging from the Heart, with about 100 or so other Internet lovelies. I’ve fallen a bit behind on the curriculum, but I’ve been saving all the lessons and am catching up on some serious blog work while taking a little “staycation” from work this week.

The course has been great in a number of ways so far. First of all, I decided that while I don’t have any particular interest in having a self-hosted blog again (that is for people more technologically-inclined than I!), I made the switch back to WordPress. I am not in love with this design template, but I do find it cleaner and somewhat easier to do what I want to do with WordPress than Blogger. So here’s my new home. I hope I can change up the design sometime in the not-too-distant future.

More importantly, I’ve been given some great food for thought in terms of what I want to write about, what type of reader I envision enjoying this blog, and what direction I want this to take. And I’ve found it! This is a personal blog, and will always have a personal narrative bent on the writing. But my interests, while varied and sometimes random, are generally always related to wellness in some way or another.

When I worked with a life coach back in 2010 briefly, she had me complete what she called a Wellness Wheel, that looked something like this:

Source: Surrey Pain & Wellness Clinic

In each spoke of the wellness wheel, I had to rate how I was doing in that aspect of my life on a scale of 1 to 10. It was an interesting exercise, and moreover, I think it makes for a great way to tie in all my different interests to a central theme of my interest in wellness! I will create my own wheel with my own style of category names in the future, but generally I will be posting about career, finance, creativity, intellect, emotions, family, relationships, fitness, health, personal growth, fun, and recreation.

Stay tuned for more in these areas!

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